Yale Union Laundry Strike

“Quick Delivery Gains: Laundry Companies Praise Auto Truck System”

The Oregonian. “Quick Delivery Gains: Laundry Companies Praise Auto Truck System.” July 16, 1911. The Historical Oregonian (1861–1987) Online Research Tool. Multnomah County Library, Portland, OR.

The involvement of drivers into the workflow of the industrial laundry operations had a number of unforseen consequences for laundrymen. As laundries came to rely on drivers as an integral component of a functional and profitable business, they also came to rely on workers who could single handedly stop a much larger portion of work than a typical facility worker. Additionally, as drivers were typically employed across different industries, they were instrumental in building coalitions with other workers in other industries leading up to and during the laundry strike.

See also: October 12,1919, “Laundry Drivers Meet”